Exway X1 Pro Hub
Exway X1 Pro Hub

Exway X1 Pro Hub

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    Exway X1 Pro Hub

    What's inside your box:

    Electric Skateboard, Standard Charger, Manual, T Tool, Smart Bluetooth Remote

    A protective cover made of high strength nylon, protects the belt and motor in all aspects, greatly reducing the damage to the transmission system caused by impact.

    Exway proprietary motor wire plug connection enables quick and easy replacement of powertrain assembly.

    5M design makes the gear more durable, reduces teeth skipping, broken teeth, etc. The drive gear is made of alloy material, which is more durable and reduces premature wear and failure. 2.57 transmission ratio to further improve driving efficiency.

    Swappable wheel adapters enable wide compatibility with the most popular wheels available today. Changing wheels has never been simpler; wear-resistant fibre nylon improves wear resistance and performance. Double bearing design for improved reliability.

    The hub motor has a completely enclosed design with water-resistant bearings to provide better protection against the elements The weight of a single motor is only 680g and the maximum delivery power is 1200 watts. The power system has a maximum efficiency of 90% with low heat production and high torque. This provides increased acceleration and hill-climbing performance.

    Read all the real-time riding info. Adjust acceleration and braking curves to maximise range, increase power, and update your firmware. Customize your ride from one of the most advanced but easy to use Apps.


    Max Speed 45km/hr
    Max Climbing 
    Grade 30%
     4.6Nm x2
    Battery 193wH
    Rated Power 600Wx2
    Max Power 1200Wx2
    Trucks  seismic aeon 45° 8inch
    Braking Mode Regenerative Braking
    Waterproof Rating IP55
    Grip Tape 2mm Shock Absorbing

    Charge Time 
    2hr 45min / 1hr 20min Fast Charger
    Dimensions: Length
    928 x Width270 x Height132mm