Exway Flex Hub
Exway Flex Hub
Exway Flex Hub
Exway Flex Hub

Exway Flex Hub

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    Exway Flex Hub!

    Electric Skateboard, Standard Charger, Manual, T Tool, Smart Bluetooth Remote in the Box!

    With a swappable turbo-powered electric battery, this electric skateboard can power you up to 40 kph for up to 25 km, and the best part, it weighs only 7.7 kgs, making it one of the lightest and most powerful electric skateboards on the market.

    The Exway Flex e-board has a hill-climbing capability of up to 30%, accompanied by IP55 water resistance and of course a multi-speed wireless remote controller.

    Unlike traditional bamboo or plain maple board decking, this electric longboard features a finely engineered UV fibreglass and bamboo board decking to add extra flex and resistance under impact.

    The Exway Flex, has the dual compatible swappable drive train. Fully interchangeable between hub and belt drivetrains, the belt drive is quieter with slightly less maintenance requirements. The belt-driven variant has more torque to power you quicker in shorter bursts.

    All Exway boards are fully integrated with Exway's app, with 3 preset mode settings and a “turbo function” for those looking to test their limits.


    Max Speed 40km/hr
    Max Climbing Grade 30%
    Range 25km
    Weight 7.7kg
    Torque 4.2Nm x2
    Battery 259wH
    Rated Power 600Wx2
    Max Power 1200Wx2
    Trucks Exway Trist 40° 8inch
    Braking Mode Regenerative Braking
    Waterproof Rating IP55
    Grip Tape 2mm Shock Absorbing
    Charge Time 4hr 40min / 1hr 30min Fast Charger