Safety when Riding

Ride and Roam is operated by Ride and Roam PTY LTD and is an authorised Dealer and Representative of our partnered brands, Selling PEVs (Personal Electric Vehicles). Under PEV falls Electric Skateboards, Electric Bikes, Electric Scooters, Wired Bikes and any other electric powered form of transportation. 
Riding Safely 
  • Always wear a helmet and other safety equipment when riding. Everyone makes mistakes. using our products are fun but you must take care with these products.

  • Your PEV can lose brakes and power during your ride at any time due to low battery on the PEV. For this reason, you should only ride your PEV at speeds which allow you to safely stop without power or brakes. This means, getting comfortable with slowing down by using one foot sliding along the ground.

  • Ensure you are familiar with the braking processes and maintain a safe distance from others.

  • Always obey and check the local road rules and other applicable laws in your area for where you can ride. Do not ride on busy roads with line markings as this is dangerous to yourself and other road users.

    Please note that Personal Electric Vehicles are limited legally to the region in which you reside for pedestrian use. Please check your local rules and laws in regards to where you can safely and legally ride on public property. Some PEVs we sell are only suitable for private property use. Here are links to more information:
  • The fastest speed modes are very powerful and the trigger is highly sensitive. Be sure to be very gentle with the trigger control to avoid being thrown off the board and only ride to your ability. Start by trying to move as slowly as possible within these speed modes when both using the brakes and acceleration.

  • Do not ride PEVs if you are fatigued, unwell or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Do not ride PEVs in adverse weather conditions. The PEV may slide from under your feet causing injury to yourself and/or others. Always ensure you are aware of the weather conditions to avoid the risk of being caught in the wrong conditions for your product (including waves, wind and rain).

  • Always maintain your PEV in good working order as this is your responsibility. Regularly check and tighten all screws/nuts throughout the PEV. Always clean your bearings for safe performance and the best roll and quietest/smoothest ride (including the bearing in the drive gear). Bearings get dirty and affect ride quality and may reduce battery performance, causing possible bearing failure which may injure yourself and/or others. Our products require care and attention - please maintain your product with ongoing services and ensure that all parts are working as intended before each use.

  • Use your product in a controlled environment where possible to minimise the risk of harm. When off-road, in a remote area or in the water, ensure that someone knows where you are and that you can contact emergency services if required.

  • Only ride to your ability and stay within your limits to minimise your risk of misadventure.

Know the Risk 

  • Avoid water - PEVs are not completely waterproof. The electronics, bearings and other components may be damaged due to water ingress and water damage is not covered by warranty. Riding in wet conditions is also very dangerous and may cause injury to yourself and others.

  • Abuse – the board is not designed to be subjected to rough handling. Do not jump on the board, do not ride off gutters or curbs, do not smash the board into hard objects, do not drop the board on the ground for starting operation. Although the product has been made to handle spirited riding, it is still an electrical product and needs to be handled with care and respect. Our warranty does not cover any damage to the board as result of rough handling or misuse .

  • Whenever you ride an electric skateboard, you risk serious injury or even death from loss of control, collisions, and falls. Failure to exercise due care, skill and diligence may put you at risk of serious injury or death should you lose control, suffer a collision or fall off your board. You must read ALL instructions and safety messages and warnings.

  • Charging - Always charge our products or any lithium batteries with adult supervision. Never charge batteries overnight while everyone in the house is asleep. An electrical fault could cause unexpected smoke or fire.

  • Product components can fail without warning - you need to be prepared for the unusual cases where a product fails during use. Only ride at speeds you are prepared to fall off at.